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 Welcome to the Finish First Canada website, home of Finish First Car Polish.

Finish First™ meets today's tough standard of automobile paint / finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your vehicle. This high tech formula contains no wax, no silicone and no Teflon.  Finish First™ uses a synthetic emulsion cleaning agent to dissolve old wax, tar, road film, dirt and organic contaminants which cling to the paint even after washing. With this dissolving cleaning action you will not create those "swirl" marks into your paint finish usually caused by organic wax cleaners. Not only will Finish First™ not cause swirl marks, the cleaning emulsion will dissolve the contaminants in old swirl marks caused by previous waxes and make them disappear.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-807-8834