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At Finish First Canada, we appreciate your feedback. Take a look at what others have said about our product, or feel free to send us some feedback by emailing us at sales@finishfirstcanada.ca


 "Finish First Car Polish is the greatest, easiest product I have ever used on my car. It restored my car to a showroom shine, and left behind no swirl marks and took a quarter the time waxing takes."

Gord from Aurora
"I have used a lot of waxes over the years, but this is the easiest product I have ever used. What a shine!!!!!!!!!"

Glen from Brampton
"I never wash my car, I always use detail sprays. Everybody should have a bottle of Finish Fast in there trunk. Works great even in the sun."

Ted from Mississauga
"To Whom It May Concern: Just into your website for dealer location information and reviewing testimonials. I have been a customer for many years, ever since a friend advised me of Finish First Polish. I am completely satisfied with each Liqui-Tech product I have tried and used them on our cars, truck,boat and snowmobile. On more than one occasion I have been asked if I have had my Barricuda repainted! No, it's just several coats of Finish First. The ease of applying and removing this product is amazing. It is by far the best polish I have ever used! "

Ralph from Oshawa
"Hi there! A brief story for you about my experience with your product. I own a 1978 Triumph Spitfire which, as you can imagine, has seen ALOT of sunshine. I purchased a number of your products while at the RM Car Auction in Toronto way back in October of 2006, but specifically the "Prep Cleaner" and "First Polish". I have kept the products in heated storage for that time. This winter I looked at my Spitfire and said "man, it's way past time I gave those products a shot". The first wax job this car has had since I have owned it for 21 years, and let me tell you the sun damage is gone, the shine has returned, and I can now see myself in the finish - like brand new! Simply put, your product works, and it works well! Thank you! Without question I'll be buying more as I need it!"

R. Andrew MacDowell from Brockville
"The best polish I have ever used on my bike, and it applies and removes with eeze and a awsome shine. "

Dave from Canada